Chicken Sausage and Cheese Waffles

November 21, 2010

We love waffles at our house, we eat them for breakfast and dinner! I have always used them as a quick meal idea during the week, but since I have started batch cooking they are even easier and faster! They can go from freezer to dinner table in about 10 min or less, which makes them awesome for a night when we are getting home later than usual, or when one of us has to go somewhere after dinner. And when I make them from freshly ground whole wheat flour and serve them with a side of fruit, I feel like it is a decent meal!

This is a recipe adapted from a  Rachael Ray recipe, I changed the flour to whole wheat, and decreased the amount of cheese and sausage a little (my family didn’t notice the difference!)  Pay attention to the amounts, this recipe as written makes 25 waffles in our waffle maker.  Just as a point of reference, we have the older style thin waffle maker with 4 squares, if you were making belgian or shaped waffles you might end up with a different number of waffles.  Right now our family eats 3 waffles in a meal, so those 25 waffles gave us dinner last night and 7 meals in the freezer!  The most tedious part is dicing the sausage, and actually making the waffles.  I think I spent 2.5 hours churning out waffles last night!

9 cups whole wheat flour
6teaspoons baking powder
1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 teaspoon pepper
10 1/2 cups buttermilk
24 tablespoons butter, melted
10 large eggs
6 cups shredded cheddar cheese
2 pound fully cooked chicken sausage, cut into ¼-inch cubes

Preheat a nonstick waffle iron to medium-high. In a large bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and pepper.   In a large bowl, beat the buttermilk, butter and eggs. Pour into the dry ingredients and stir to form a stiff batter. Stir in cheese and the sausage.   Scoop 1 cup of batter onto the preheated waffle iron.

If eating right away, cook until done.

If freezing, cook until just done but not brown.  Cool waffles, and put in freezer in a single layer on a cookie sheet for 15 min. Once they are partially frozen, put them in ziplock bag.  When eating, just pop into a 350 degree oven and cook 5-10 min, until hot and light brown.



A family divided

November 10, 2010

This week our family is split up, I am here in Florida for a work-related conference, Jack is with my parents at their house, and Truett is at home with Chris.  Whenever our family is split into different locations, it feels odd and a little unsettling.  I think we are all having a good week though, I have learned a ton at my conference, Jack has had a blast at Mimi & Papa Lloyd’s.  I find myself checking in with my parents several times a day, just to hear how Jack’s day is going, or how he slept the night before, or whatever.  Maybe it is the fact that he is still a baby, but I feel more at a loss being out of touch with his daily routine than I do with Truett, obviously not that I miss him more, it is just odd not to know what he is doing from moment to moment.  My parents are sending me pictures of him looking happy!  His favorite toy is his Papa, he loves climbing over him, sitting on him, piercing his skin with his razor sharp finger nails, and demands Papa’s undivided attention.  Apparently he has also started saying the word “uh oh” this week, which brings his word count up to two (I am pretty sure he is saying “mama!”) !  I hope he doesn’t decide to grow up too much this week.  Chris and Truett are having fun baching it at home, every time I call home they are doing something fun like watching Diego and eating pizza.  On the way home from big school yesterday, Truett was playing with his flying car (the doors open and look like wings), which he has creatively named “Gosey car,” he told Chris that he was going to fly his car to Florida and get Jack.  That might be the sweetest thing I have ever heard him say.  I miss the boys like crazy!

Christmas thoughts

October 28, 2010

This year is the first year that I feel like T will be old enough to really participate in the Christmas celebration, and I have been spending some time thinking about how to start talking to him about Christmas. I think we might try to do a Jesse tree this year, I got “The Advent Jesse Tree” by Dean Lambert with devotions for children and adults.  We haven’t really had family devotions before now, and I am sure it will feel a little awkward at first.  My hope that by starting now we can push through the awkwardness to something real.  Also, probably a lot of it will go over his head, but hopefully it can be the start of a way to weave talking about faith into our every day life.  He is a total sponge right now, and I feel like we are entering into a key window of opportunity in his life.  J is obviously still too young to understand any of this, but maybe by the time he is able to pay attention, it will just be a normal part of our Christmas celebration.

I am also struggling with integrating the parts of Christmas that come to us from our American culture, with our faith.  I love the family celebrations, and I like giving and receiving gifts, and we are definitely still doing all of that this year, but I really want to make sure it isn’t too distracting.  Having children really changes my perspective on a lot of things!


July 17, 2010

The boys are asleep in bed, C is out at a movie and I have a (mostly) clean house to myself! I should probably try to be productive, but instead a glass of sangria, some TV and a little blogging is all I have on my agenda for tonight!

T came home last night after a week with grandma at his great-grandparents farm. It sounds like he had a blast! Great-papa gave him rides on all the farm equipment, and he got to play outside all day long with a doting grandma, I don’t think life can get any better for him.

It was nice to have a quieter week, and also to spend some more one on one time with J. I can’t believe how much J has changed in the last few weeks, he uses social interaction in a way that we don’t remember T doing at this way. When he wants to eat, he makes eye contact with me and lunges at me from across the room, when he wants to be picked up he makes eye contact and grins at us and raises his arms.

We gave him his first taste of solids this past week.  He wasn’t crazy about them at first and even though he is getting more interested in them now, more still comes back out than goes down!  T was so cute last night, we were all sitting down at dinner the first night he was back and when he noticed us feeding J he looked shocked and said “Baby J eat! Baby J eat!”  I guess he thought J was only ever going to drink milk!

July Once A Month Cooking

July 10, 2010

I just thought I would share my July plan, all the chicken recipes I am making with the.99/lb skin on chicken breasts I found at Kroger today! The reason I am making 12 lbs worth of the salsa chicken is that it is going to be one of my dinners at the beach when we go with my in-laws in a couple of weeks. We aren’t eating 12 lbs of grilled chicken ourselves this month! I am trying to cook on the cheap this month, and cook from the pantry/freezer as much as I can. I am also splitting it up between two weekends, this weekend mostly chicken and vegetarian meals, and next weekend a few beef meals.

My plan for this weekend:
1) Chicken and black bean quesadillas (3 dinners)
2) Chicken & sausage waffles
3) Pizza crusts (4 dinners for us with regular crusts)
4) Chicken in Asian style marinade (2 dinners worth)
5) Bean burritos (3 dinners)
6) Whole Wheat Blueberry waffles (2 dinners)
7) Sausage/cheese rolls

Then next weekend I plan on having a mini one:
1) Make pizza kits for toppings
2) Meatballs to go with red sauce
3) Hamburger patties (2 dinners)
4) Red sauce (3 dinners worth)

Jack’s 4 month update

June 7, 2010

mmmm, tasty hand!quit poking me!
Jack turned 4 months old last weekend, and I realized that we haven’t been keeping up with pictures of him! We did a good job with Truett those first few months with taking his picture every month on his birthday, but Jack is a poor 2nd child who doesn’t get the same photo shoots his older brother did! Jack is such a delight, he is so happy most of the time. His smiles take over his face, and he is very free with them, all you have to do is just look at him and he grins at you. He had a rough start with day care, refusing to drink his bottles, but has settled in now and seems to enjoy it. He smiles at the other babies, and has already started his collection of art work. I am not sure I can trust my memory, but he seems stronger and taller than Truett at the same age, he plays in the exersaucer, has rolled tummy to back several times and can even sit for very short periods of time. At the same time, he is just starting to reach for toys, but we have pictures of Truett holding rattles several weeks before his 4 month birthday. The different time lines of their development is so fascinating to me, and I find myself constantly trying to recreate pictures we have of Truett so I can see if they look like each other. Take this one in the rocker, they are within a couple of weeks of each other in age, but I think they look enough different that I can definitely tell who is who. Jack’s hair is so long, it comes down past his ears and over his collar in the back. Having a second child just at the time that my grandma passed away has really made me realize that we are now the parents and that my children are the next generation. This shifting of roles feels odd, but it is good, I feel so blessed in my life. It is overwhelmingly full at times, but so good. Truett and Jack are starting to interact, Jack will smile at Truett and Truett loves to give Jack kisses and hugs. Of course, he also tipped his car seat over, with Jack in the seat, and takes his paci out, but we really haven’t had any real jealousy issues. We moved him into the office in the pack and play this week, another thing about being the 2nd child is that you don’t get your own room or even a real bed! He has only been part of our family for 4 short months, but I am already having trouble remembering what it was like before he came.

Which one is he? (round 2)

April 24, 2010

Here is a picture of both of them around 3 months old, can you tell who is who? Jack is such a talker these days, gurgling and babbling away, grinning and kicking! Right now he is kicking my leg as I type.  Jack is very sensitive to loud or sudden noises, a bad trait for a 2nd child!  Truett is constantly scaring him accidentally and making him cry, so lately we have been working with Truett on teaching him to apologize when he scares Jack.  It is sweet to hear him say “I’m sorry baby Jack!”  I am not sure how to teach empathy, but we are working on it.

Which one is he?

April 1, 2010

Okay, we are going to play a guessing game, this is round one!  Can you figure out which baby is Jack and which one is Truett?Which one is he?Which one is he? Sometimes I think Jack looks just like Truett did at the same age and sometimes he looks completely different!  As he gets older, I feel like he looks more and more like himself and less like Truett.  Yesterday was his 2 month birthday, and I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing already.  He is so smiley and happy, and is really starting to fill out a bit and get some rolls on his thighs.  Sleep is going really well, he goes 6-7 hours at a stretch in the first part of the night, and then usually does another 4 hour stretch, which means he eats around 2am or 3am and then again around 6am or 7am.

March 29, 2010

A long time ago a family friend gave these bull horns to my brother Brian.  He put them up over his door, and there they stayed for a few years until he left for college and my other brother, Evan, claimed them.  They moved from Dallas to Bloomington with my parents a few years ago, but now my parents are downsizing their house and didn’t have room for the horns!  Behind my back and without my knowledge Chris claimed the horns for Truett’s room, and somehow he also canceled my veto vote!  So now, Truett has the horns hanging over his closet door.  He seemed pretty excited about them this afternoon when Chris put them up!


March 29, 2010

Today Truett was very cute, sharing all his cars with Jack by piling them in Jack’s lap as he sat in his bouncy seat.  In between sharing, Truett would stop to give Jack kisses. It was all very sweet, and I hope it is a sign of their future relationship.  I know there will be times when they are fighting and not getting along, but I really want them to have a close relationship with each other and be true friends!  So far Truett seems to enjoy Jack, and Jack is starting to notice Truett and smile at him as he watches him play.