A long time ago a family friend gave these bull horns to my brother Brian.  He put them up over his door, and there they stayed for a few years until he left for college and my other brother, Evan, claimed them.  They moved from Dallas to Bloomington with my parents a few years ago, but now my parents are downsizing their house and didn’t have room for the horns!  Behind my back and without my knowledge Chris claimed the horns for Truett’s room, and somehow he also canceled my veto vote!  So now, Truett has the horns hanging over his closet door.  He seemed pretty excited about them this afternoon when Chris put them up!


2 Responses to “”

  1. Allison Says:

    So glad they’re in your house and not in ours! Just kidding… 🙂 But I’m glad Truett likes them!!

  2. thegoseys Says:

    Ha Ha! I bet you are glad!

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