Which one is he?

Okay, we are going to play a guessing game, this is round one!  Can you figure out which baby is Jack and which one is Truett?Which one is he?Which one is he? Sometimes I think Jack looks just like Truett did at the same age and sometimes he looks completely different!  As he gets older, I feel like he looks more and more like himself and less like Truett.  Yesterday was his 2 month birthday, and I can’t believe how quickly the time is passing already.  He is so smiley and happy, and is really starting to fill out a bit and get some rolls on his thighs.  Sleep is going really well, he goes 6-7 hours at a stretch in the first part of the night, and then usually does another 4 hour stretch, which means he eats around 2am or 3am and then again around 6am or 7am.


2 Responses to “Which one is he?”

  1. Allison Says:

    Allison’s vote: top is Truett, bottom is Jack
    Brian’s vote: top is Jack, bottom is Truett

  2. thegoseys Says:

    Allison is right! I guess she is a better aunt then Brian is an uncle…

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