Jack’s 4 month update

mmmm, tasty hand!quit poking me!
Jack turned 4 months old last weekend, and I realized that we haven’t been keeping up with pictures of him! We did a good job with Truett those first few months with taking his picture every month on his birthday, but Jack is a poor 2nd child who doesn’t get the same photo shoots his older brother did! Jack is such a delight, he is so happy most of the time. His smiles take over his face, and he is very free with them, all you have to do is just look at him and he grins at you. He had a rough start with day care, refusing to drink his bottles, but has settled in now and seems to enjoy it. He smiles at the other babies, and has already started his collection of art work. I am not sure I can trust my memory, but he seems stronger and taller than Truett at the same age, he plays in the exersaucer, has rolled tummy to back several times and can even sit for very short periods of time. At the same time, he is just starting to reach for toys, but we have pictures of Truett holding rattles several weeks before his 4 month birthday. The different time lines of their development is so fascinating to me, and I find myself constantly trying to recreate pictures we have of Truett so I can see if they look like each other. Take this one in the rocker, they are within a couple of weeks of each other in age, but I think they look enough different that I can definitely tell who is who. Jack’s hair is so long, it comes down past his ears and over his collar in the back. Having a second child just at the time that my grandma passed away has really made me realize that we are now the parents and that my children are the next generation. This shifting of roles feels odd, but it is good, I feel so blessed in my life. It is overwhelmingly full at times, but so good. Truett and Jack are starting to interact, Jack will smile at Truett and Truett loves to give Jack kisses and hugs. Of course, he also tipped his car seat over, with Jack in the seat, and takes his paci out, but we really haven’t had any real jealousy issues. We moved him into the office in the pack and play this week, another thing about being the 2nd child is that you don’t get your own room or even a real bed! He has only been part of our family for 4 short months, but I am already having trouble remembering what it was like before he came.


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