July Once A Month Cooking

I just thought I would share my July plan, all the chicken recipes I am making with the.99/lb skin on chicken breasts I found at Kroger today! The reason I am making 12 lbs worth of the salsa chicken is that it is going to be one of my dinners at the beach when we go with my in-laws in a couple of weeks. We aren’t eating 12 lbs of grilled chicken ourselves this month! I am trying to cook on the cheap this month, and cook from the pantry/freezer as much as I can. I am also splitting it up between two weekends, this weekend mostly chicken and vegetarian meals, and next weekend a few beef meals.

My plan for this weekend:
1) Chicken and black bean quesadillas (3 dinners)
2) Chicken & sausage waffles
3) Pizza crusts (4 dinners for us with regular crusts)
4) Chicken in Asian style marinade (2 dinners worth)
5) Bean burritos (3 dinners)
6) Whole Wheat Blueberry waffles (2 dinners)
7) Sausage/cheese rolls

Then next weekend I plan on having a mini one:
1) Make pizza kits for toppings
2) Meatballs to go with red sauce
3) Hamburger patties (2 dinners)
4) Red sauce (3 dinners worth)


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2 Responses to “July Once A Month Cooking”

  1. Leah Says:

    Just had a question…what is chicken & sausage waffles? Do you have a recipe for that? I tried searching online for a chicken & sausage waffle recipe, but couldn’t find anything. Sounds interesting whatever it is…

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