The boys are asleep in bed, C is out at a movie and I have a (mostly) clean house to myself! I should probably try to be productive, but instead a glass of sangria, some TV and a little blogging is all I have on my agenda for tonight!

T came home last night after a week with grandma at his great-grandparents farm. It sounds like he had a blast! Great-papa gave him rides on all the farm equipment, and he got to play outside all day long with a doting grandma, I don’t think life can get any better for him.

It was nice to have a quieter week, and also to spend some more one on one time with J. I can’t believe how much J has changed in the last few weeks, he uses social interaction in a way that we don’t remember T doing at this way. When he wants to eat, he makes eye contact with me and lunges at me from across the room, when he wants to be picked up he makes eye contact and grins at us and raises his arms.

We gave him his first taste of solids this past week.  He wasn’t crazy about them at first and even though he is getting more interested in them now, more still comes back out than goes down!  T was so cute last night, we were all sitting down at dinner the first night he was back and when he noticed us feeding J he looked shocked and said “Baby J eat! Baby J eat!”  I guess he thought J was only ever going to drink milk!


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