A family divided

This week our family is split up, I am here in Florida for a work-related conference, Jack is with my parents at their house, and Truett is at home with Chris.  Whenever our family is split into different locations, it feels odd and a little unsettling.  I think we are all having a good week though, I have learned a ton at my conference, Jack has had a blast at Mimi & Papa Lloyd’s.  I find myself checking in with my parents several times a day, just to hear how Jack’s day is going, or how he slept the night before, or whatever.  Maybe it is the fact that he is still a baby, but I feel more at a loss being out of touch with his daily routine than I do with Truett, obviously not that I miss him more, it is just odd not to know what he is doing from moment to moment.  My parents are sending me pictures of him looking happy!  His favorite toy is his Papa, he loves climbing over him, sitting on him, piercing his skin with his razor sharp finger nails, and demands Papa’s undivided attention.  Apparently he has also started saying the word “uh oh” this week, which brings his word count up to two (I am pretty sure he is saying “mama!”) !  I hope he doesn’t decide to grow up too much this week.  Chris and Truett are having fun baching it at home, every time I call home they are doing something fun like watching Diego and eating pizza.  On the way home from big school yesterday, Truett was playing with his flying car (the doors open and look like wings), which he has creatively named “Gosey car,” he told Chris that he was going to fly his car to Florida and get Jack.  That might be the sweetest thing I have ever heard him say.  I miss the boys like crazy!


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